Tool Hire


Belle Mixer

Our Belle Minimix 150 Concrete mixers c/w pivot stand top allowing 360 degree rotation and are intended for producing Concrete, Mortar or Plaster.

Health & Safety

Eye Protection Ear Protection Steel Toe Caps

Dewalt Hot Air Gun

Our Dewalt Hot Air Gun is available for hire with the option of two different nozzle  ends and has two different heat settings.

This hot air gun is ideally suitable for stripping paint, moulding special plastics, thawing water pipes and similar tasks.

Important Notes:

  • This machine uses a 240v 3 pin plug and therefore, will be provided with a Residual Current Device (RCD).
  • Lead Paint produces Poisonous fumes it burnt, gently warming the paint can soften it without burning.

Health & Safety

Eye Protection Ear Protection Gloves Dust Mask ACD

Hilti Nail Gun

Weight: 3.7Kg
Length: 384mm
Width: 134mm
Height: 384mm
Power: 85J

The Hiti GX-90 (Paseload style) Nail Gun is a cordless, high precision piece of equipment with a unique safety nosepiece, reducing the risk of free flying fasteners, and drives nails up to 90mm in length.  Ideal for wood framing for stud walls, roofs and roof battens, external cladding and fencing.

Please contact us for details of the Gas and Nails available.

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Hilti T1000 Breaker

Our Hilti T1000 Breakers are designed for easy handling whilst having the lowest vibration values in it class.

Ideally used when you are demolishing concrete and masonery, removing tiles, bushing and compacting or corrective chiselling to adjust door and window openings.

Perfect for use on project at floor level
or waist height.

Technical Information:

Weight:                              12.5kg
Triaxial Vibration:              5.0 m/s2
A-Weighted Emmison
Sound Pressure:              85db (A)


Health & Safety

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Hilti TE 30 Combihammer

The Hilti TE30 Combihammer is designed to be used on concrete, masonry and wood, with it's quick release chuck making changing drill bits effortless.

Triaxial Vibration:            12m/s2
Sound Pressure:             90dB (A)
Weight:                             4.2kg



Health & Safety

Eye Protection Hard Hat Ear Protection Gloves Dust Mask