8 Ton Mini Digger

Our Yanmar VIO80 is a beautifully balanced Zero Tail Swing gentle giant with a long arm as standard. It has a powerful digging force of 63.5Kn and maximum digging depth of 4430mm. The cab has an Air Suspension Seat and Air Conditioning Unit which will also demist the windscreen, together with a radio aids the driver to have a comfortable working experience.

Cab Height:                   2710mm
Width:                            2270mm
Max Digging Depth:    4430mm
Weight:                          8125Kg
Buckets Available:

  • 300mm Digging Bucket (12″)
  • 600mm Digging Bucket (24″)
  • 900mm Digging Bucket (36″)
  • Grading Bucket

Health & Safety

Eye Protection Hard Hat Steel Toe Caps Gloves Dust Mask